Investor Construction

Investment construction is one of the most unique services we offer to our select customers.  Over the years we have utilized our team approach to building and joined with our clients to create investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.  Our unique approach gives us the ability to provide fee free services to our clients which allows us to create virtually risk free investment.  By combining budget planning, cost forecasting, and fee free services our clients enjoy equity strong investements which have time and time again produced significant profits.  We are proud to say that we have always produced profits for our investment clients. 

Commercial Construction

We take a custom approach also to the commercial projects that we endeavor to complete.  Our ability to combine the customer service of a custom builder with the expertise in commercial construction allows us to provide a quality project at an affordable cost.  We manage our commercial projects with detail and precision paying careful attention throughout the process, but especially during the planning phase, which allows us to forecast the best use of budget for the completed project, while minimizing additional costs, construction problems, and unanticipated delays.  We use reputable and dependable subcontractors to deliver on time and on budget every time.  We also pride ourselves on establishing unique incentives with our customers which commercially aligns us throughout the process to accomplish maximum results for the best possible price.  

Andreatos Construction


Ranch/ 2nd Home Construction

Over the years we have been approached by clients to assist them with building second homes and ranch construction.  We have developed a team of subcontractors willing and able to assist and deal with these out of town and unique projects. We have built hunting lodges, barns, arenas, guest homes, beach homes, lake homes, and many other unique projects.   While out of town construction is more difficult, we have made it possible to achieve the custom quality that we provide in Houston in an out of town location.  This usually requires notice and a lead time as we only take on one out of town project at a time to ensure that we are able to deliver the high quality that we expect and promise to our customers.  Let us know about you unique project today.

Custom Homes

Commercial Buildings

Investor Construction

Ranch Construction

Custom Homes

Our approach to residential construction begins with the clients and their specific needs and requirements, maintaining communication between all parties involved in the construction process.  We assist  our clients during the planning, design, construction, and post construction phases of their project working directly with them to ensure we are maximizing the budget to achieve their dream home.  We are not a volume builder, but instead believe in forging relationships with the right customers to create beautiful homes in a team environment, which gives us the ability to provide direct attention to each project with a unique one on one approach.